12hh and under

We have a lovely selection of small ponies for the younger members of the family. They are all very patient and will look after their rider. We have ponies that will go off the lead rein for those who have done a lot of riding or those who will walk steadily with those who haven’t ridden before.


Biscuit and best friend Juno have been part of the Smith family for over 20 years! He was Lotti’s first pony and was a surprise guest at her wedding in March 2015. He is now retired enjoying an easy life.

Born: 1991  Height: 11.3hh 

Breed: Welsh Mountain Pony


Dylan is a real character and very popular with many of the children that have had their first ride on him. He is great with young, nervous or special needs children as he is very patient and looks after them. When it’s time to trot, he might need some encouraging as he can be a bit on the lazy side! 

Born: 1994        Height: 11.2 

Breed: Welsh Mountain Pony


Harry is a pony who really loves lots of cuddles! He follows the staff around the field and loves having his photo taken! He is used for beginner riders for Combination Sessions or treks.   

Born: 2008    Height: 11.1hh

Breed: Welsh Mountain Pony


Juno has been part of the Smith family for over 20 years. Juno is now retired and enjoying life with Biscuit. 

Born: 1990    Height: 11.2hh 

Breed: Welsh Mountain Pony  

Mini Rosie

Mini RosieMini Rosie is a great pony for children of all abilities. She loves giving children their first pony ride as well as going for the occasional cantering trek! She is a really lovely lady who does whatever is asked of her. She loves getting her mane plaited for the Pony Club Show.

Born: 1997    Height: 11.2hh 

Breed: Welsh Mountain Pony

12hh to 13.3hh

Our bigger ponies for the slightly older members of the family are great. Some of the ponies are slower to look after the beginner or novice riders as well as those more forward going to help teach riders to canter or jump.


Beau has been at Marros since 2002. She particularly enjoys jumping and gymkhana! She is good for any level of rider for lessons and out on treks. We call her ‘Blowy Beau’- we’ll let you work out why!

Born: 1994     Height: 13.2hh

  Breed: Welsh Mountain Pony  


Caspia and best friend Melanie are Rescue horses who came to us in 2014. They were both very shy and didn’t know what a treat was! Now they are very happy, able to be ridden and enjoy lots of treats! Caspia is quite cheeky and loves cuddles.

Born: 2011       Height: 13.3hh

Breed: Cob  


Darren is a lovely pony who loves to please his rider. He is very friendly and always walks up to staff for a cuddle in the field. He is used for lessons as well as treks for a range of riders. He particularly enjoys being pampered!

Born: 2008     Height: 13.3hh

Breed: Cob  


Melanie came to us with best friend Caspia as shy rescue horses. Now they are both very friendly and love cuddles. You will always find them close to each other in the field. Melanie is very good for treks with beginner riders.

Born: 2011    Height: 13.3hh

Breed: Cob


Zebedee is a lovely old chap who doesn’t act his age! He will happily plod along for beginner riders but loves to go a bit faster on treks. He particularly loves jumping. He also loves gymkhana races and has helped lots of children get red rosettes!

Born: 1992  Height: 13.2hh

Breed: Welsh cross

14hh to 15.3hh

We have a mixture of horses to suit all types of rider. Many will enjoy gentle strolls through the woods with beginner riders while others will help you improve your cantering or jumping skills and even take experienced riders galloping along the beach.


Adele is a very kind horse who enjoys pleasing her rider. She is used mainly for the more experienced rider. She is a responsive horse who loves to jump - the higher the better for her! She has also recently started being used for beach rides.  

Born: 2006    Height: 15hh 

Breed: Appaloosa


Apache is a great member of the team. He will happily plod along on beginner treks as well as gallop along the beach with the more experienced riders. He is always willing to please his rider and does everything that is asked of him.  

Born: 2009    Height: 15hh       

Breed: Cob


Barney joined Marros at 2 years old. He is used for beach rides and cantering treks as he loves to go fast! He’s great for those that enjoy going a bit faster!  

Born: 2008    Height: 14.2hh    

Breed: Cob


Blue is a very handsome boy who enjoys different types of rides. He is great for beginner riders on woodland treks. He also enjoys faster treks and beach rides. Blue has very striking blue eyes - maybe that’s why he’s called Blue!  

 Born: 2009       Height: 15.2hh     

Breed: Cob


Charlie is a small horse with a huge character! He absolutely loves cuddles and attention. He is suitable for any type of rider - from a nervous beginner to experienced riders. He is also great with special needs riders. Charlie is a great part of the Marros team.  

        Born: 2002        Height: 14hh        

Breed: Norwegian Fjord Pony


Eddie is great for experienced riders. He can be quite forward going and loves going a bit speedy. He’s very polite and will slow down when asked. Perfect for teenagers or adults that want to go fast! He is also used for lessons and loves to jump! 

        Born: 2000        Height: 14.2hh        

Breed: Irish Cob


Gary is a really friendly pony who loves to please his rider, whatever level they are. He is popular on Own a Pony days because he is so affectionate and loves cuddles. He is also used for beach rides which he definitely enjoys! Born: 2006 Height: 14hh Breed: Cob 

        Born: 2006       Height: 14hh        

Breed: Cob


Ginger is great for beginner riders. He will happily plod along in the woods as well as going a bit faster. He loves Own a Pony days and being pampered. He also enjoys having a snooze in the field as you can see!

        Born: 1999      Height: 14.2hh        

Breed: Cob


Kimi was born at Marros to mother Rosie. The Smith family were lucky enough to watch her being born! She is like her mother in so many ways. She’s used on beginner treks as well as the treks for the more experienced riders. 

        Born: 2007    Height: 15.3hh        

Breed: Irish Draught x Cob


Oscar is a lovely horse who is very willing to please his rider. He’s great for nervous or beginner riders and also enjoys going on faster treks with more experienced riders. He’s a real confidence giver to all who ride him. Born: 2005 Height: 15.2hh Breed: Cob 

        Born: 2005    Height: 15.2hh        

Breed: Cob


Tilly is a lovely addition to the team. She is quite responisve so does well on the faster treks but also looks after the less experienced riders. She is more on the rounder side as she likes to eat and puts weight on by just looking at the grass!

        Born: 2009    Height: 14.3hh        

Breed: Cob


Trevvy is Tilly’s son and like his mum, is very kind natured. He is quiet to ride and looks after his rider well. He does like to get muddy so once we have a nice photo of him when he’s clean, we will add it to the page.

        Born: 2013  Height: 15hh        

Breed: Cob

16hh and Over

We have a wonderful selection of larger horses. There are gentle giants as well as the more forward going horses. Many are used in lessons as well as on treks or beach rides.


Danny is worth his weight in gold. He has such a loveable character. He really loves his job whether it’s walking on a trek with a beginner or going a bit faster on the beach. He is also used for lessons and has just started to jump too!

        Born: 2004  Height: 16hh        

Breed: Shire x Cob


Diablo is another of our superstar team members. He is great at everything he does. He is wonderful with beginner riders and those learning to ride but also does more for the experienced riders. He is great in the school and out on treks. A real all- rounder. 

        Born: 2011 Height: 16hh        

Breed: Cob Cross


Lordy belongs to staff member Becki and is often used as her escort horse on the treks. He’s a stunning boy and we often refer to him as the George Clooney of the horse world as when you look at him, you just have to go ‘oooof’! 

        Born: 2007 Height: 16.3hh        

Breed: Shire cross Section D